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Mary Crowley

Certified Executive Coach

Mary is passionate about helping people access the skills and wisdom needed to live empowered lives and make the contribution you are here to make. She deeply believes the human journey is full of wonderment, uncertainty, and complexity – filled with challenges, opportunities, and possibilities for expanding our ways to discover, connect, create, and contribute.

Mary is known for her compassion, deep listening skills, and belief in people finding their own path. She has a keen ability to remain present and can be counted on for insight, warmth, and humour.

Professionally, Mary loves to inspire, motivate, and educate others. She is often witness to transformation – seeing people go from being overwhelmed, uncertain, and stuck, to a life filled with balance, clarity, confidence, joy, and purpose.

Mary is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, and completed training in Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching. She is a Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Coach, certified Harrison Assessment practitioner, certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach and licensed Coaching Out of the Box trainer.

She resides in Courtenay, BC, and lives her values of service, learning, wellness, and community. Her ideal day includes work, play, fitness, connection, volunteering, and learning something new.

I believe we need to discover, embrace and share all of who we are in order to truly feel connected and fulfilled in our relationships and our purpose. My core belief is that every human being has greatness inside them. I love working with individuals, teams, organizations and businesses who are striving to lead from the best version of themselves and their highest levels of performance.

As a coach I inspire individuals to discover, connect, and create from the inside out. Inspiring greatness is both an inner and outer journey. I work to support individuals along this journey, to gain a deeper awareness and mastery of their values and strengths, what’s unique to them, and ultimately what’s important to them.

My holistic service focuses on increasing self-awareness, expanding perspectives, taking action, and fostering sustainable behavioral shifts. To achieve this I interweave neuroscience, positive psychology, leadership development, multiple intelligences, and ancient wisdom to create an experience that is custom tailored to your needs.

My custom-made, solutions-oriented approach has continuously proven successful in helping people reach their goals by creating the programs and services to support lasting change.