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Training, Facilitation and Workshops

We offer customized training, facilitation and workshops that incorporates engaging content, dialogue, innovative thinking, skill building, practice and the excitement and fun that comes with discovery. Here are a few examples of workshops that we have designed and delivered.

  • Career Exploration & Next Steps
  • Change Management and Transition
  • Coaching Approach for Leaders
  • Communication and Difficult Conversations
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Emotional/Social Intelligence and Leadership
  • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Excellence and Engagement
  • Relationship Building
  • Self Care
  • Spiritual Intelligence
  • Team Assessment and Development
  • Wellness and Resiliency

Mary is also a licensed trainer for the Coaching Out of the Box 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training course.

Mary has been an active part of our routine training sessions at the City of Courtenay District & Memorial Outdoor Pool, highlighting topics that include communication, active listening and conflict resolution. Mary demonstrates a descriptive and interactive facilitation, ensuring group participation and brainstorming. Her warm and encouraging character was received well by the staff, allowing for open discussion and participation. We found that Mary’s training interventions within staff training proved to be highly successful, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources that could be referenced across many potential ‘problem’ situations. I would love to have Mary return in the future, and felt very fortunate to have had her involved in our training sessions to date.

C. Schaefer

Aquatic Supervisor, City of Courtenay District & Memorial Outdoor Pool

We were pleased to have Mary Crowley work with our Courtenay Recreational Association Summer Camp staff again this year. Her amazing training workshops included Motivation & Feedback, Communication and Team Agreements. Mary’s style of facilitating allows participants to be in control of their learning and feel at ease to share information and learn new things about themselves. Watching the staff, who most are new to the profession with little to no experience, take the time to brainstorm ideas, offer advice and interact with each other naturally is the highlight. She offers the staff valuable ways to look at situations and brainstorm solutions. Most staff commented on how these new skills can be used in their everyday lives. Thanks Mary for all your help and continued support!

Alycia Maskiew, B.R.M.C.D

Summer Program Coordinator, Courtenay Recreation