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Team Coaching

Teams that have higher levels of trust, good interpersonal relationships, a common purpose and effective processes outperform teams that don’t. Team coaching empowers team members to create an aligned vision of the future, improve communication, leverage their strengths, and enhance relationships to successfully tackle challenges and meet performance goals. Team coaching and development work may include:


  • Team assessments
  • Vision alignment
  • Interpersonal skill building
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Working agreements
  • Team leader coaching

Mary’s service included Team Coaching for our Leadership Team as well as individual Leadership Coaching. Mary is an excellent listener who heard me and was able to offer approaches and strategies that I had not considered.  Her energy and insight provided a perspective that changed not only the view I had of the situation but also my approach. Our team not only benefitted from Mary’s involvement at the time but our work with her continues to have an impact years later.  Through her insight we were able to identify themes on the team and develop better approaches in how we worked as a group.  We have improved our effectiveness as a team and continue to reference her work with us.

Curtis Cameron

Community Services Manager, BC Provincial Government