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Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and leadership coaching focuses on you as an individual, as a leader and your vision for the team and business. Leadership coaching enhances your performance and clarifies your goals by creating greater awareness of your actions and their impact. It helps you achieve goals, develop cutting edge leadership skills, gain valuable interpersonal, managerial and executive competencies, optimize your strengths and step into your greatness. Take advantage of individual coaching to:


  • Create New Effective Behaviours and Ways of Thinking
  • Develop Your Authentic Leadership Style and Inspire Others
  • Develop Effective Communication Skills and Have
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Gain Confidence and Skills
  • Get Performance Results
  • Identify, Pursue and Achieve Meaningful Goals
  • Improve Your Ability to Engage and Lead People
  • Increase Self Awareness and Be Intentional
  • Reduce Stress and Build Resiliency
  • Reconnect and Reengage with Your Work

Mary is engaging, present and intuitive. She meets you exactly where you are on that day. There were days that were more difficult than others, and Mary met me where I was, always moving me along on making progress. Mary was very positive, keeping me focused on the task at hand. She took nothing for granted, acknowledging the smallest success made.

I learned that I needed to be patient and positive always, even in the midst of frustration and disappointment.  I learned to put myself first no matter what.  My health and mental well-being would be key to accomplishing my personal and professional goals.  

Renee Richard

CEO, Cinnamongirl, Inc.

Mary is a wonderful coach--present, kind, incredibly supportive, and dedicated to her clients. Mary is a dynamic facilitator, coaching educator and team coach. I have experienced her individual coaching too which is wonderful. She has this way of connecting, of creating space, like a clear reflective lake you can peer into and see yourself, while discovering depths you didn't know were there.

Dr. Catherine Carr, RCC, PCC