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leadership Coaching

Mary is engaging, present and intuitive. She meets you exactly where you are on that day. There were days that were more difficult than others, and Mary met me where I was, always moving me along on making progress. Mary was very positive, keeping me focused on the task at hand. She took nothing for granted, acknowledging the smallest success made.

I learned that I needed to be patient and positive always, even in the midst of frustration and disappointment.  I learned to put myself first no matter what.  My health and mental well-being would be key to accomplishing my personal and professional goals.  

Renee Richard

CEO, Cinnamongirl, Inc.

Mary has a patient and gentle coaching style that gives you space to think things through. I have been very impressed with the power of well thought out questions that bring me answers and insights that I would have struggled to find through other avenues. Mary is insightful and her coaching has supported my leadership development.

Director, BC Provincial Government

Mary is a wonderful coach--present, kind, incredibly supportive, and dedicated to her clients. Mary is a dynamic facilitator, coaching educator and team coach. I have experienced her individual coaching too which is wonderful. She has this way of connecting, of creating space, like a clear reflective lake you can peer into and see yourself, while discovering depths you didn't know were there.

Dr. Catherine Carr, RCC, PCC

I sought Mary's coaching assistance when faced with a challenging personal decision. I found her to be a skilled, creative and trustworthy professional. She brings a blend of traditional approaches with new and innovative tools. Mary was extraordinarily helpful to me as I struggled with this decision. I would highly recommend Mary as a professional coach.

Sharon Farquharson

Facilitation and Training

Mary has been an active part of our routine training sessions at the City of Courtenay District & Memorial Outdoor Pool, highlighting topics that include communication, active listening and conflict resolution. Mary demonstrates a descriptive and interactive facilitation, ensuring group participation and brainstorming. Her warm and encouraging character was received well by the staff, allowing for open discussion and participation. We found that Mary’s training interventions within staff training proved to be highly successful, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources that could be referenced across many potential ‘problem’ situations. I would love to have Mary return in the future, and felt very fortunate to have had her involved in our training sessions to date.

C. Schaefer

Aquatic Supervisor, City of Courtenay District & Memorial Outdoor Pool

We were pleased to have Mary Crowley work with our Courtenay Recreational Association Summer Camp staff again this year. Her amazing training workshops included Motivation & Feedback, Communication and Team Agreements. Mary’s style of facilitating allows participants to be in control of their learning and feel at ease to share information and learn new things about themselves. Watching the staff, who most are new to the profession with little to no experience, take the time to brainstorm ideas, offer advice and interact with each other naturally is the highlight. She offers the staff valuable ways to look at situations and brainstorm solutions. Most staff commented on how these new skills can be used in their everyday lives. Thanks Mary for all your help and continued support!

Alycia Maskiew, B.R.M.C.D

Summer Program Coordinator, Courtenay Recreation

Mary is a talented professional, and a strong leader. She has an eye for detail and a compassionate connection to those she meets. She is an extraordinary trainer, with exceptional organizational skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a way that everyone can understand.

Director, BC Provincial Government

Mary Crowley is a dedicated educator as well as one of the very best facilitators I have ever worked with. Mary and I partnered in launching a ministry-wide initiative that had never been done in the Government of B.C.; it was an initiative that involved facilitating sessions for senior managers (i.e. Assistant Deputy Ministers, etc.). Mary took on the Lead Facilitator role and championed all the sessions. It is an honour to work with Mary to achieve such extraordinary result.

Training Manager, BC Provincial Government

Team coaching

Mary’s service included Team Coaching for our Leadership Team as well as individual Leadership Coaching. Mary is an excellent listener who heard me and was able to offer approaches and strategies that I had not considered.  Her energy and insight provided a perspective that changed not only the view I had of the situation but also my approach. Our team not only benefitted from Mary’s involvement at the time but our work with her continues to have an impact years later.  Through her insight we were able to identify themes on the team and develop better approaches in how we worked as a group.  We have improved our effectiveness as a team and continue to reference her work with us.

Curtis Cameron

Community Services Manager, BC Provincial Government