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“Coaching Out of the Box®” workshops

The world’s most innovative organizations have used coaching to enhance organizational effectiveness, increase profits/productivity, foster staff engagement/interpersonal communication, and successfully realize their vision, aspirations, and goals.

Local professionals will have the opportunity to discover what the Fortune 500 set have known all along – how proven coaching techniques can take their organizations from mere success to thriving excellence.  

On Friday, March 16th 2018, Executive Coach and Licensed Facilitator Mary Crowley will present an interactive coaching workshop entitled “Coaching Out of the Box®” at North Island College.  

This full-day workshop is designed for leaders, business owners, managers, board members and anyone who wants to discover and maximize their professional/personal potential.

“Coaching Out of the Box® incorporates foundational coaching skills as a tool for achieving top performance from both yourself and those around you,” says Mary Crowley, a certified executive coach based in the Comox Valley. “Coaching is one of the most effective ways to deal more creatively and effectively with business or personal challenges. As a tool it supports people to find solutions, take action and move forward.”

The workshop will focus on the “5/5/5 framework model,” which involves five core coaching skills, a five-step coaching process and five guiding principles that support effective coaching.

“Coaching is about enhancing communication, building trust, leveraging strengths and achieving results that foster empowerment and overall effectiveness,” says Crowley.  “If you feel like you or your organization has reached a plateau, or you want to attract more momentum and success in life, then using a coaching approach can effectively assist you in getting there.”

The workshop will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will include a take-away workbook and other resources.

Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to register early, as space is limited. To register, please contact North Island College at 250-334-5005.  For more information contact Mary Crowley at 250-702-4592 or email

Mary Crowley

For more information or to register online or call North Island College at 250-334-5005